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10 Links To Essential Solaris 11 Developer Resources

Updated in March 2012 by Eric Reid of Oracle ISV engineering, this list is packed with resources, mostly free and available for download to help you get the best from your application on Oracle Solaris 11. 

  1. Oracle Solaris 11 Resources for Developers

    10 Resources for Oracle Solaris 11 Developers

    Developing/Deploying Applications on Solaris Oracle 11 Course
    Addresses developer training requirements to learn, understand, develop, and deploy applications on the new Oracle Solaris 11 platforms. It introduces customers to “How to develop specific new features” with a hands-on practical approach to solving problems. Click through to your own country’s Oracle University Site – note that eKits are available for iPad too.

  2. Oracle Solaris 11 ISV Adoption Guide
    This must-read White Paper, published in November 2011, is designed to help software developers and ISVs transition their applications smoothly from Oracle Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11. It provides a list of all currently known modifications, which may be needed for existing applications to run on Oracle Solaris 11.
  3. Oracle Solaris 11 Preflight Checker
    An essential tool which enables you to determine the Oracle Solaris 11 readiness of an application by analyzing a working application on Oracle Solaris 10. A successful check with this tool will be a strong indicator that an ISV may run a given application without modifications on Oracle Solaris 11.
  4. The IPS System Repository
    Tim Foster’s blog from IPS, OpenSolaris
  5. Packaging and Delivering Software with the Image Packaging System – A Developer’s Guide
    In Oracle Solaris 11 and onwards, system software is packaged with the Image Packaging System (IPS), which takes care of installing and upgrading new software. This useful 81-page manual is for developers and advanced administrators who want to better understand IPS, how Oracle Solaris is packaged with IPS and how to use IPS to package their own software
  6. How to Create and Publish Packages to an IPS Repository on Solaris 11
    Oracle Solaris 11 takes a new approach to lifecycle and package management to greatly simplify the process of managing system software helping reduce the risk of operating system maintenance, including reducing unplanned and planned downtime. With IPS, administrators can install and update software from locally connected or remote software package repositories using a much-improved and modernized process.
  7. Solaris 10 Branded zone VM Templates for Solaris 11
    Jeff Savit’s blog provides access to an important tool that lets you “painlessly inhale a Solaris Container from Solaris 10 or entire Solaris 10 systems (‘the global zone’) into virtualized environments on a Solaris 11 OS”.
  8. Oracle Solaris 11 Security: What’s New For Developers
    More links for software developers, this time about security
  9. Optimizing Applications with Oracle Solaris Studio Tools and Compilers
    This 10-page Oracle White Paper was published in December 2011, and tells how Oracle Solaris Studio software provides a proven set of compilers and tools that offer C, C++, and Fortran developers the flexibility and power they need to develop correct and performant applications.
  10. Other Solaris 11 Technology Spotlights
    Technology Spotlights pages provide more information on key Oracle Solaris 11 technologies from simplified Installation, security and availability to ZFS Technology, IPS and Virtualization

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