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For years organizations have depended on Web-based software to run their business processes, conduct transactions and deliver increasingly sophisticated services to customers. Unfortunately, in the race to meet deadlines and stay ahead of the competition, many businesses fail to perform adequate security testing or take the time to make sure applications are in compliance with industry and regulatory standards. The result is that many companies may unknowingly expose corporate or personal data to cybercriminals who can exploit these vulnerabilities for fun and profit—placing the entire business at risk. And since many regulatory requirements mandate a degree of application security, these organizations also run the risk of failing to meet compliance audit requirements, which can result in fines and loss of customers. AppScan Enterprise enables organizations to take a strategic approach for addressing Web application security.

Key features:

  • Scalable, enterprise architecture that enables scanning of multiple applications simultaneously
  • Correlation of results discovered using dynamic and static analysis techniques
  • Ability to scans Web sites for both embedded malware and links to malicious or undesirable sites to ensure your Web site is not infecting visitors or directing them to unwanted or dangerous sites without their knowledge
  • Ability to test Web services
  • Advisories, fix recommendations and built-in training videos to facilitate the process of remediation once security vulnerabilities have been identified and validated
  • Issue management capabilities and integration with Defect Tracking Systems
  • Enterprise level reporting which provides visibility of the security and compliance risk the identified security issues present
  • Performance metrics and trending that give Management a sense of the progress being made
  • Flexible detailed security issues reports that enable users to group and organize their report data in multiple ways
  • Over 40 out-of-the box security compliance reports including PCI Data Security Standard, Payment Application Data Security (PA-DSS) (new), ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 , HIPAA, GLBA and Basel II
  • Role-based reporting access and scan permissions to help enforce test polices and provide governance

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