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VS FORTRAN is a full-function product that includes support for the ES/3090 Vector Facility and expanded support for the ES/9000 Vector Facility. In addition, it performs vector and parallel processing plus standard sequential (serial) processing all within a single program.

VS FORTRAN provides three products in one: a compiler, library, and interactive debugging facilities. They offer extensive usability, productivity, and performance enhancements, including:

  • Highly optimized scalar processing for high serial program performance
  • Vector processing for superior vector performance on the ES/3090 Vector Facility
  • Expanded processing for enhanced vector performance on the ES/9000 Vector Facility
  • Automatic parallelism and explicit parallel language support for reduced turnaround time for applications on IBM multiprocessing hardware
  • I/O data striping for faster execution of sequential I/O on IBM OS/390®
  • Greater flexibility in creating and managing parallel programs
  • Ability for OS/390 users to specify the number of I/O buffers to be used on a unit-by-unit basis
  • 225 buffers allowed and maintained by the library I/O routines and buffer residency above the 16 MB area when operating on OS/390 using DFSMS 1.1 or greater
  • Data-in-virtual support for OS/390
  • Extended common blocks exploiting the ESA/390 data spaces facility for larger program storage for MVS/ESA and VM/ESA
  • Compliance with the FORTRAN 77 language standard
  • Expanded compatibility with the RISC System/6000 XL Fortran language for improved cross-platform and host-workstation cooperation
  • Inclusion of industry-standard extensions to Fortran to provide multi-vendor compatibility
  • Support for extended-precision (64-bit) integers
  • Ability to package program modules independently and load these modules dynamically as needed to reduce program module complexity and simplify program maintenance

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