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IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense


IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense provides high-performance Java map displays for use in mission-critical military applications.

User interface developers can create custom military command-and-control applications with high performance 2D and 3D map displays and data-aware symbols that update position and status in real time.

IBM ILOG JViews Maps for Defense
  • Ships with the complete IBM ILOG JViews Maps product and its comprehensive set of tools and services for displaying high-performance maps.
  • Includes military map data formats for aeronautical and marine data
  • Includes standard military symbol sets, including NATO APP6a/MIL STD-2525B for representing tactical assets
  • In addition to top down 2D map views, 3D perspective views are supported, enabling users to better visualize assets and 3D defined spaces (e.g., air corridors) from any angle.
  • Terrain analysis features are included for line-of-sight calculations, areas of visibility and complex line-of-sight terrain cuts

Family overview

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