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IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise


IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise helps you build and deploy analytical decision support applications based on optimization technology.

IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise provides an enterprise-scale platform for developing and deploying highly effective optimization-based analytical planning and scheduling solutions for business decision-makers across a variety of industries.

IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise
  • Powerful what-if analysis for scenario management and scenario comparison enables better, faster decision-making.
  • Advanced analytics with drill-downs and graphical displays enables detailed visualization of data and decisions
  • Supports distributed planning processes for large scale applications by enabling for scenario sharing and collaboration between planners
  • Wide range of configuration options from Desktop to Enterprise gives organizations the flexibility to map to different solution architectures
  • Supports unique or role-based planning and collaboration
  • Supports for different decision process tasks: optimization, data-checking, import/export, and other custom tasks.
  • Enables desktop or local use of optimization
  • Builds on WebSphere Application Server for robust and scalable deployment, and DB2 for scenario management and sharing
  • Powered by IBM ILOG CPLEX optimization software: embeds IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio including CPLEX Optimizers and CPLEX CP Optimizer for creating smarter, resource-efficient plans and schedules.


Business Process Support
Give business decision makers functions and views of decision support analytics that give them confidence in using the results.

Collaborative Planning
Enable multiple decision makers to work together to maximize value across the enterprise.

Scalable Deployment
Provide highly scalable decision support using server-based data and high availability computation.

Custom Solution Development and Architectures
Create optimization-based decision support solutions for your unique problems quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

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