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Oracle will start to charge for JAVA soon – are you ready?

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Oracle will be charging for Java security updates from the 15th Jan 2019.  There will be a free alternative in the form of OpenJDK however the complexity involved in installing this open source alternative means it is not suitable for the majority of users.

Main User Issues:

  • Desktops with Java installed.  The problem for the majority of IT professionals will be any PC or Laptop with Java currently installed.  These will automatically try and update to the latest version; Oracle will freely allow this update process to work.  However without a valid subscription you will be using the software illegally.
  • Old versions, any computer using Java 6 update 46 or higher and Java 7 update 81 or higher will need a subscription as these were non-public releases.
  • Oracle are recruiting a specialist audit team to make sure everyone buys a subscription.
  • Any server will also require a licence to receive updates.  This will be charged using the per processor licence model.  Therefore a Single CPU SPARC T7-1 with need 16 Java CPU Licences (32 cores x 0.5 per core).
  • Application software which requires a particular version of Java (ie long term support) will need a subscription to continue to receive patches.  OpenJDK will need to be updated every 6 months and therefore not suitable.

In short – for vast majority of IT Professionals that use Java and want to be compliant (legal) then they need a new Java SE subscription .

Acardia have been working hard to find the easiest and lowest cost options to stay compliant and legal.  Please call our technical team on 0345 2301055 or email support@acardia.co.uk for advice.

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