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Now available – Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 Oracle VM Server for SPARC version 3.5 is now available to download. It contains lots of improvements to virtual networking support and live migration, so this release is definitely worth checking out. As per …

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MySQL Enterprise Monitor and InnoDB Cluster

Learn how to monitor MySQL InnoDB Cluster, the native MySQL high availability stack.  

Low Cost Oracle Database Cloud Development

Are you a software developer looking for the best cloud database for application development? Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service is the ideal entry-level service for running Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud. Here’s why: It delivers an affordable and fully …

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Improvements and features in Java 9

Java 9 is coming soon. Jaxenter have a great articale on new features coming to Java 9. If you are a developer you really need to get ready for all the new features this release will bring? Here is their …

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Oracle Quarterly Cloud Revenue Tops $1.1 Billion :

The First Oracle FY Quarter Over One Billion Dollar Mark for Cloud Great news for any organisation considering moving to Oracle Cloud – for the first time the revenue has exceeded $1,000,000,000 for a single quarter. The reason this is …

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Security in the Cloud – Questions Everyone Should Ask

The Need for a Secure Cloud: Oracle has released a white paper describing their approach to securely implementing a Cloud Infrastructure. It can be found here : oracle_cloud_security_whitepaper However the paper while primarily aimed at Oracle customers provides common sense advice …

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Docker and Oracle Solaris – Why All the Fuss About Containers?

Docker and Oracle Solaris. Oracle have just published an article on Docker in relation to Solaris and their applications – it can be found here. Summary   “You don’t necessarily want to deal with virtualization every time, and containers are, …

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Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) technology – Faster with SPARC

Oracle Provides Details on Software in Silicon for Faster Data Analytics It’s hardly a secret that Oracle’s SPARC processor technology is built for speed. “It is the fastest commercial processor on the planet—nothing comes close,” said Rick Hetherington, Oracle vice …

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Running Standard Edition Oracle Database – Consider the New ODA

Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S – The New Entry-Level Database Appliance If you are running Oracle Standard Edition Database and do not want the hassle of getting a DBA to set it up and optimise it.  Them please consider the Oracle Database …

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Oracle’s Secret Weapon in the Cloud

Oracle have now confirmed that their new M7 / S7 CPU will be used in their Cloud Infrastructure Speaking to Forbes – John Fowler has stated that: Oracle Is Building “World’s Best Infrastructure” Oracle is unique among cloud providers Amazon, …

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