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Acardia - 24 years' experience with Oracle, Sun and IBM

Acardia was established in April 1999 as a Sun-only reseller, with the support of Sun Microsystems, to serve independent software vendors, software developers and IT end-users in corporate enterprises. Since inception, the company has continued to invest in and develop its competences. Acardia has been an active and successful recruiter to Sun developer programmes and was a founder member of the APRC Program.

Acardia has been innovative in its approach to managing ISVs. A good example is the Make It Fly series of seminars which grew out of the simple insight that software developers require technical rather sales information. Working with the ISV community to provide qualified technical speakers and content, Make It Fly became a popular brand, with a diverse and influential following which included “C-level” executives from Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup, senior representatives from local and central government including the NHS, and major vendors such as Vodafone.

Today, Acardia is an Oracle Gold Partner. In response to customer requests for support on other flavours of Unix besides Solaris, Acardia became an official IBM Business Partner during 2010, specialising in IBM Power8 hardware, IBM AIX and IBM Linux.

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