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Cloud: From Desktop to Data Centre

In todays' environment, things simply must work together, and happen faster, to satisfy an increasing appetite for information and services. IT departments are being pushed to find better ways to integrate, provision, deploy, and manage systems at a faster pace without straining already burdened budgets.

Cloud is a key technology used in data centres to optimize resources. As IT needs evolve, cloud can no longer be regarded as an isolated technology to solve a single problem. Many companies started the cloud journey by using server virtualization to consolidate systems and reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX). With IT staff now tasked to deliver on-demand services, data centre virtualization requirements have gone well beyond simple consolidation and CAPEX reduction.Indeed, virtualization at the operating system level no longer is sufficient.

With users looking for a cloud experience, simply provisioning and delivering an operating environment falls short.IT organizations must rapidly deliver services, such as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS),platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). As a result, virtualization solutions need to mature and facilitate flexibility, agility, and speed in deploying completeapplication stacks to support the new service-based charter.

Oracle’s Cloud Strategy

Oracle offers a complete and integrated cloud solutions portfolio that can virtualize and manage the full hardware and software stack. With a focus on integrated management, testing, and support from applications to disk, Oracle’s unique approach to cloud not only helps consolidate IT resources — it enables IT to deliver ondemandservices rapidly and efficiently. As organizations virtualize more complex and business-critical workloads to get more speed, agility, and flexibility, Oracle’s complete,integrated technology stack can help enterprises derive operational expenditure (OPEX) efficiencies in addition to CAPEX reduction.

With a complete product portfolio that includes applications, middleware, database, operating systems,servers, storage and even thin clients — along with across the stack virtualization and clustering technologies that are optimized to work together — Oracle can help companies realize the true benefits of cloud and exceed service-level requirements.

Oracle Server Virtualization

Oracle’s full range of server virtualization technologies provide varying degrees of isolation, resource granularity, and flexibility, and can be used separately or together to tackle specific deployment challenges. Delivering operating system virtualization, virtual machines, and hard partitioning technologies, Oracle’s server virtualization solutions can help companies to consolidate applications onto fewer systems to effect better resource utilization, reduce the number of operating system instances to manage, improve security, lower licensing costs, and reduce the time to install and configure software.

Oracle Desktop Virtualization

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides a complete solution for managing, hosting, and providing access to virtualized Microsoft Windows, Oracle Linux, or Oracle Solaris desktops hosted inthe datacenter. Users can access the same complete desktop environment from many different clientdevices and locations, enabling disaster recovery, remote office and work from home, and greencomputing through the use of low-power thin-client devices such as Oracle's Sun Ray Clients.

When secure access to server-hosted Windows, UNIX®, mainframe, and midrange applications is needed—such as when deploying Siebel or Hyperion client software to end users—Oracle Secure GlobalDesktop Software can provide access to applications hosted on these disparate platforms on a single PC. For users needing to run multiple independent operating systems on their desktop PC or laptop,Oracle VM VirtualBox enables high-performance virtual machines that can run dozens of operating systems on standards Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and other Linux PCs.

Oracle Storage Virtualization

Oracle’s storage virtualization technologies can help organizations eliminate redundant data, reduce bandwidth requirements, gain flexibility, and better utilise existing infrastructure to reduce space, power, and cooling requirements. A broad range of storage virtualization solutions — including integrated storage virtualization capabilities in Oracle Solaris 10,Oracle Sun Unified Storage systems, Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, virtual tape solutions, OracleAutomatic Storage Management, and the upcoming Oracle VM Storage Connect Framework — can help companies achieve optimal performance, simplify storage provisioning and management, andreduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

Integrated Virtualization Solutions from Oracle and Acardia

Oracle and Acardia deliver much more than pure virtualization technologies such as hypervisors. Oracle products leverage virtualization technology at every layer of the Oracle stack. For example, Oracle WebLogicSuite Virtualization Option and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder, both running on Oracle VM server virtualization, are designed to dramatically speed and simplify application deployment—including in cloud computing environments.

Designed to run directly on Oracle VM without an operating system,Oracle WebLogic Server Virtual Edition significantly improves the performance of Java™ technologybasedapplications. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder enables IT administrators to quickly create,configure, and provision assemblies of applications that can be repurposed and quickly configured toprovision entire multitier application topologies onto virtualized and cloud resources, saving administrators time and reducing the likelihood of costly configuration errors.

Once applications are deployed, the integrated Oracle Enterprise Manager tool lets administratorsmanage entire virtual environments — from applications to operating systems and virtual machines —with a single solution that can be enhanced with integrated, in-depth health and performance monitoring, configuration management, and life cycle automation for maximum efficiency.

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