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IBM and VMware from Acardia

Acardia recommends IBM and VMware to help you implement a reliable infrastructure with hardware and software designed for virtualization.   IBM offers the broadest portfolio of industry-standard x86 servers with the System x and BladeCenter servers that can help you lower IT costs with unparalleled performance, extraordinary energy efficiency and rock-solid reliability. Whether your business needs a small Windows server solution or an enterprise-class server virtualization solution, Acardia and IBM has you covered with innovative technology and exceptional services and support.

IBM and VMware Compatibility Matrix

VMware infrastructure offerings from Acardia and IBM

VMware vSphere

VMware® vSphere, one of most comprehensive suite of cloud infrastructure technologies in the industry, offers high levels of availability and responsiveness for businesses, large and small, looking to virtualize their business-critical applications. Using Acardia to combine VMware vSphere software with IBM x86 servers can help reduce IT complexity, lower IT costs, and increase IT flexibility and business agility with a highly scalable, resilient and flexible IT infrastructure.

VMware vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director enables you to build secure, multitenant hybrid clouds by pooling infrastructure resources into virtual data centres and enabling those resources to be consumed by users’ on-demand.

vSphere Storage Appliance

vSphere Storage Appliance is software that delivers shared storage capabilities without the cost and complexity of shared storage hardware. It installs with just a few mouse clicks and supports up to three System x servers and is centrally managed in VMware vCenter Server.

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