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for Software Developers

A Unique Resource for Software Developers

Acardia has created a unique set of services to help Software Developers to add value to their own products and services and build a competitive edge in their own marketplace.
Working in conjunction with key hardware manufacturers Acardia supports developers across a wide cross section of industries with tspecially designed programmes that provides:

  • Preferential prices for Hardware, Software, support and training packages
  • Technical support designed to meet the needs of ISVs, including software porting, full on-site installation and free pre-sales configuration
  • Co-operative marketing initiatives such as the Sell With Programme and Sell Through Programme, allowing members to bundle their software with Sun hardware directly to end-users

Selling Your Applications Through and With Acardia

A major co-operative marketing initiative, the Acardia Sell Through Programme (STP) is a unique opportunity for developers add value to their products and build a competitive edge, by offering a complete hardware/ software solution. Working in partnership with Acardia, STP provides the ability for developers to beneficially deploy their products on market leading platforms, as well providing approved use of the logo for branding and marketing purposes.
Acardia also gives access to other customer oriented value-add services such as systems designing and auditing, technical support, maintenance and installation. Meaning that end-customers can buy bespoke applications with the absolute confidence that comes with having the backing of an industry leader.

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