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It has always been profitable to develop on reliable and scalable UNIX technology from both Sun Oracle and IBM; Acardia helps you maximise that potential. Acardia has been helping developers or Independent Software vendors (IVS)’s  since 1999 to build applications on Enterprise grade hardware. We understand the difficulties faced by developers and hurdles they must overcome to bring software to market.  

Acardia has worked in partnership with both Oracle and IBM to make it easy to access their respective developer programmes. Acardia offers developers a single point of entry to these large corporate schemes; granting developers easy access to development tools, information and support. This coupled with Acardia’s extensive experience gaining by working with over 900 UK based ISV’s means that there is no better reseller to help build and develop your UNIX or Linux application. 

Acardia provides developers with a tailored range
of products and services

Acardia provides ISVs and software developers with a great range products and services to:

  • Purchase UNIX Hardware and Services
  • Port your Application to Unix
  • Test your Application in Specialist Software Laboratories
  • Size and Benchmark your Application
  • Bring your Application to market on Oracle and IBM Hardware

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