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Oracle VDI from AcardiaVirtual Desktop Infrastructure provides a complete solution for managing, hosting, and providing access to virtualized Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM AIX or Oracle Solaris desktops hosted in the data centre. Users can access the same complete desktop environment from many different client devices and locations, enabling disaster recovery, remote office and work from home, and green computing through the use of low-power thin-client devices such as Oracle Sun Ray.

When secure access to server-hosted Windows, UNIX®, mainframe, and midrange applications is needed—such as when deploying Siebel or Hyperion client software to end users—Oracle Secure Global Desktop Software can provide access to applications hosted on these disparate platforms on a single PC. For users needing to run multiple independent operating systems on their desktop PC or laptop, Oracle VM VirtualBox enables high-performance virtual machines that can run dozens of operating systems on standards Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and other Linux PCs.

Most organisations have problems managing desktop clients:

  • Security – Control of IP (Intellectual Property)  - documents and applications
  • Virus / Malware – Control over external treats
  • Mobile Access  - Controlled Access to Systems
  • Maintenance – Support and Build of Client Systems

Acardia’s proven solution to VDI addresses all these concerns and can result in considerable cost saving over traditional PC based installations.

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