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AIX, the future of IBM’S UNIX operating system

Businesses today need to maximize the return on investment in information technology. Their IT infrastructure should have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business computing requirements and scale to handle ever expanding workloads—without adding complexity. But just providing flexibility and performance isn’t enough; the IT infrastructure also needs to provide rock-solid security and near-continuous availability and while managing energy and cooling costs.
These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing the AIX operating system (OS) running on IBM systems designed with Power Architecture® technology. With its proven scalability, advanced virtualization, security, manageability and reliability features, the AIX OS is an excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure. And, AIX is the only operating system that leverages decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability of any UNIX operating system.
The newest version of AIX, Version 7, known as “AIX 7,” is binary compatible with previous versions of the AIX OS, including AIX 6™, AIX 5L and even earlier versions of AIX. This means that applications that ran on earlier versions will continue to run on AIX 7—guaranteed.1 AIX 7 is an open-standards-based UNIX OS that is designed to comply with the Open Group’s Single UNIX Specification Version 4.
AIX 7 runs on systems based on POWER4™, PPC970, POWER5™, POWER6® and the latest generation of POWER® processor, POWER7®. Most of the new features of AIX 7 are available on the earlier POWER processor-based platforms, but the most capability is delivered on systems built with the POWER6 and POWER7 processors. The AIX OS is designed for the IBM Power, System p®, System i®, System p5®, System i5®, eServer™ p5, eServer pSeries® and eServer i5 server product lines, as well as IBM BladeCenter® blades based on Power Architecture technology.

AIX 7 extends the capabilities of the AIX OS to expand the vertical scalability of AIX to partitions with 256 processor cores and 1024 threads to handle the largest workloads. To support higher performance for large workloads, AIX 7 will also includes new Terabyte segment support which leverages memory management capabilities of POWER7 processors designed to improve memory performance. This Terabyte segment capability is also included in AIX 6 at Technology Level 6 but is not automatically enabled on AIX 6.

Highlights of IBM AIX

  • Latest generation of IBM’s market leading, scalable, open standards-based UNIX® operating system
  • Binary compatibility with previous releases of AIX® to preserve client’s software investment
  • Tremendous vertical scalability to provide capacity for your IT infrastructure to grow with your business
  • Built-in clustering capabilities to simplify high availability and to provide infrastructure for future innovation
  • Enhancements to virtualization capabilities to provide even more flexibility to support changing workloads
  • Built on IBM POWER® technology and virtualization to help deliver superior performance, increase system utilization and efficiency, provide for easy administration and reduce total costs
  • Available in three editions for even more capability and flexibility

This AIX release underscores IBM’s firm commitment to long-term UNIX innovations that deliver business value. This release of AIX continues the evolution of the UNIX OS that started in Austin, Texas, with AIX on the RT PC and the RISC Systems/6000 (RS/6000®) over 20 years ago.

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