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Oracle VDI from Acardia

Highly secure and mobile access to virtualized desktop environments

OVDI from AcardiaOracle VDI from Acardia offers a complete solution for managing and providing access to virtualized desktop environments hosted in the data centre. OVDI enables organizations to dramatically improve security, implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies, reduce operating costs, and increase the utilization and lifespan of existing IT assets by moving from a traditional desktop environment to a virtual desktop architecture. OVDI supports a broad variety of client devices, virtual desktop operating systems, and virtualization platforms to meet data security, user experience and TCO goals. Together, Acardia and Oracle offer the industry’s most comprehensive desktop-to-data centre virtualization solutions portfolio that can manage your full hardware and software stack from applications to disk, including Sun Ray Clients, a virtual desktop broker and virtualization platform, operating systems, servers, storage and applications.

Key Features of OVDI from Acardia

  • Centralized virtual desktop management and hosting
  • Facilitates access to VDI desktops from PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and Sun Ray Clients
  • Supports a broad choice of virtual desktop operating systems and virtualization platforms
  • Highly secure access to corporate data and applications
  • Mobile access to desktops via global ‘hot-desking’ across multiple VDI deployments
  • Multi-client support enables the sharing of resources across independent user domains•VDI data center failover
  • Rapid desktop re-provisioning and fast preparation for Windows deployments
  • Advanced video acceleration for Windows and Linux desktops
  • Oracle is the only vendor to offer an enterprise class end-to-end solution for VDI deployments from desktop to applications

Key Benefits of OVDI from Acardia

  • Highly secure remote access to virtual desktops
  • Flexibility to deploy Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris virtual desktops
  • Maximizes IT infrastructure utilization•Simplifies administration, lowers IT asset lifecycle costs
  • Easier for IT to manage, secure, and upgrade desktops
  • Higher availability, business continuity, and greater productivity for mobile workforce
  • Helps lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduces carbon footprint, power usage and e-waste

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - from a Single Server to the Enterprise

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can be configured to run on a single server providing an easy and cost-effective starting point for small and medium-sized businesses, or pilot deployments. From this simple start, organizations can then grow their deployment across the entire enterprise, across multiple data centres, enabling evolutionary growth and protected investment. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c provides the Enterprise-scale health monitoring and alert system for even the largest IT networks.

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