Oracle Solaris 10 from Acardia


Oracle Solaris 10 is the strategic platform for today’s demanding enterprise, delivering proven results on everything from mission critical

enterprise databases to high-performance Web farms, and from the latest generation of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) SPARC systems to industry-standard x86 systems. For customers facing challenging business and technical requirements—such as lowering costs, simplifying system administration, and maintaining high service levels—Oracle Solaris 10 is the ideal cross-platform choice


Key Features of Solaris 10

Innovation matters—increase business efficiency and lower costs with Oracle's Solaris 10 operating system


Benefits of Solaris 10


  • Virtualization. Optimize resource utilization to deliver predictable service levels with Oracle Solaris Containers.
  • Networking. Attain near-wire-speed throughput with minimal CPU overhead using the Oracle Solaris networking stack.
  • Security. Implement a secure foundation for deploying services with Oracle Solaris leading-edge security features.
  • Availability. Minimize unplanned downtime with the predictive self-healing feature.

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