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Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

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Cloud Ready, Sized, Tuned, and Tested for all Cloud workloads

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is a highly scalable, integrated system that makes it easy for customers to deploy and manage diverse workloads on multiple operating systems, utilizing APIs and management tools that are compatible with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Customers can develop containerized, cloud native applications using architectural patterns and tools that are consistent infrastructure-as-code environments across private and public clouds. Private Cloud Appliance runs mission-critical enterprise applications in high-performance virtual machines and offers trusted partition licensing that reduces Oracle Database and applications software costs.
Oracle Exadata

Key differentiators

Prebuilt for faster deployment

Integrated infrastructure, virtualization, and management accelerates deployment times so customers' databases.

Integration simplifies management

Built-in, full-stack management and patching speeds application deployment while reducing workload and OpEx for customers’ IT departments.

Portability between public and private clouds

OCI-compatible APIs and management tools enable customers to create and deploy applications in consistent infrastructure-as-code environments on a private cloud and in OCI.

Trusted partitions reduce software costs

Trusted partitions using fixed VM shapes enable companies to license software on small portions of the Private Cloud Appliance. Reducing the number of software licenses needed lowers the cost for companies to run Oracle Database and applications compared to other solutions.

Deployment automation

Automatic configuration speeds network setup

High-performance, low-latency software-defined networking (SDN) automates compute and storage network configuration so customers can be running workloads on optimized infrastructure.

Container automation simplifies application deployment

The fully integrated Oracle Cloud Native Environment enables enterprises to easily automate the deployment, scaling, and management of application containers with Kubernetes.

Rapid design and prototyping

OCI Designer Toolkit is a standalone, open source design tool for Oracle Cloud which enables customers to rapidly design and prototype Private Cloud Appliance infrastructure.


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