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Acardia has the leading integrated development tools you need to develop scalable, high performance applications on the Cloud - whatever your business.

The Right Developer Tools

In any profession, the right tools in the right hands can make a big difference.   Market-size issues aside, one of the most important features of an OS from a developer's point of view is the variety and quality of the development tools available.  Compilers and debuggers are the most obvious examples of these tools, but other examples include code checkers (to ensure that code is free from the subtle errors that the compiler might not catch), cross-reference generators (to see which functions reference other functions and variables), performance analysers, and so on.

Acardia Cloud Services can offer a complete - Streamlined Team Development and Software Delivery

Hosted team development and delivery platform including issue tracking, code versioning, wiki, agile-development tools, continuous integration and delivery automation.

Additional Tools

Acardia has worked in partnership with Oracle and IBM to bring a complete range of software tools to help developers to write applications that scale from server to main-frame.  We can provide a complete range of tools for Solaris, AIX, Oracle DB, DB2, Java and Linux platforms.

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