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Today's digital-savvy consumers are driving corporations to re-imagine their business models. We expect the products they produce to integrate into our lives, to work in more personal ways, and to adapt to our individual needs.

The IBM Rational software platform for systems provides a complete set of tools, best practices, and methodologies spanning the entire systems and software lifecycle. The platform enables a unified collaborative effort with real-time visibility across engineering teams, software development teams, project management and line of business.

A new generation of smart products and services

IBM Rational software provides a richer and more unique customer experience, organizations are changing the way they are designing, developing and deploying their products to make them more intelligent, instrumented, and interconnected. Software and Systems engineering best practice is helping IBM’s customers drive this change.

Successful product companies of the future are building a competency in software and systems to deliver maximum value and flexibility to users. They can:

  • Develop a software capability that is equal to and fully integrated with the other elements involved in the product delivery
  • Build and manage value chains that connect products and services across multiple industries, stakeholders, and segments
  • Shift to a more dynamic design process for building and testing products
  • Create the flexibility to more frequently update products
  • Developing and integrating systems and software
  • Effective implementation of software-driven innovation, integrated with mechanical and electrical components, requires strong collaboration of diverse, globally distributed teams using the latest technologies.
  • IBM Rational Software helps companies develop and deliver an integrated system of systems based on smart products.
  • IBM Rational Software helps companies integrate critical capabilities with a lifecycle solution dedicated to real-time and embedded software development.

To ensure manufacturers bring the right products to market at the right time, IBM offers systems engineering tools, processes, and services that connect software engineering with product lifecycle management creating a nimble, open, and streamlined development environment.
The IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering provides and complete lifecycle solution for developing today’s most sophisticated products and systems.

IBM Rational software platform for systems:

  • Provides a complete set of integrated offerings spanning the entire systems and software lifecycle
  • Enables real-time collaboration and visibility across all teams and stakeholders
  • Integrates with product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and leverages best practices methodologies
  • Is supported by an ecosystem of IBM and business partner solutions and services

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