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Solaris Containers - Zones from Acardia

Safely consolidate multiple applications onto one system and increase your utilisation rates with the advanced functionality of Oracle Solaris. Run Solaris 8, 9, 10 and 11 applications in Containers (also known as Zones) on the latest systems and save on power, space, cooling, administrative, and support costs.   Oracle Solaris Containers uses virtualisation to allow you to maintain the one-application-per-server deployment model, while sharing hardware resources. Oracle Solaris Containers is part of a comprehensive offering of Oracle Solaris virtualization technologies which includes Oracle VM Server for SPARC (previously Logical Domains (LDoms)).  

Oracle Hard Partitioning:

Hard partitioning physically segments a server, by taking a single large server and separating it into distinct smaller systems. Each separated system acts as a physically independent, self-contained server, typically with its own CPUs, operating system, separate boot area, memory, input/output subsystem and network resources.

Oracle has deemed “Solaris Containers – Zones” as Hard Partitions – Save ££££’s by using the latest Oracle SPARC Servers to run your database.

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