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Acardia was founded 24 years ago to serve the information technology needs of organisations in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Acardia are passionate about the difference good technology can make to an organisation. As an award winning IT infrastructure and database specialist, we work closely with many of the world’s most exciting and innovative technology companies to deliver complete solutions directly to our clients.

With experience in cloud migration and digital transformation, Acardia excels in assisting small and medium sized businesses (SMB s) in their journey to the cloud. The company's expertise lies in seamlessly migrating businesses from on premises environments to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling clients to benefit from enhanced scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. 

Acardia's team of highly skilled professionals possesses in depth knowledge of database management and optimisation, ensuring that clients' large database workloads are efficiently transferred to the cloud environment without compromising security or data integrity. The company's proficiency in working with Oracle technologies makes them well equipped to address the unique challenges associated with managing and migrating substantial databases.

In addition to their specialisation in OCI, Acardia has obtained accreditations with industry leading partners such as IBM, NetApp, Rapid7, and VMware. These strategic alliances further strengthen the company's capabilities in delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions to their clients. Leveraging these partnerships, Acardia offers seamless integration of various technologies into the cloud ecosystem, enabling smooth transitions and enhanced functionality.

Acardia's approach to customer service is rooted in understanding the unique needs and goals of each organisation they work with. By closely collaborating with clients, Acardia develops customised cloud strategies and solutions that align with their specific business requirements. With a focus on delivering value and maximizing ROI, Acardia ensure s that their clients derive the utmost benefits from their cloud investments.

As an authorised Oracle reseller with a strong emphasis on OCI, Acardia Limited is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimise their IT infrastructure and navigate the complexities of cloud migration. The company's expertise in managing large database workloads, combined with strategic partnerships and a customer centric approach, positions them as a preferred choice for organisations embarking on their digital transformation journey.


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