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Software License Assessment Service from Acardia

Acardia’s  License Assessment Service is designed to provide you with a methodology to  discover  product usage, to review your  license agreements and provide a compliance report from the resulting comparison.
Gartner Research estimates that as much as 30% can be saved on IT assets in the first year of knowing what is, and isn’t, being used across your  Enterprise. This can lead to a year on year cost savings.

Service Description

Acardia’s  License Assessment Service will help to identify ways of maximising software license optimisation. With add-on services, Acardia can advise how to best utilise this information in an effort to reduce ongoing operating costs, identify compliance risks and better position the end user for additional license purchases.

End User Benefits

The benefits of this assessment service are:

  • Gain control of license usage and license compliance
  • Identify potential cost reduction and cost avoidance
  • Optimise utilisation of available assets
  • Improve IT governance
  • Minimise risk of non-compliance fines
  • Prevent unnecessary spend on new licences
  • Manage vendor negotiations more effectively
  • Ensure the correct types of license agreements, products metrics and terms and conditions are in place to suit business change.


  • Bespoke price and service to cover undefined number of servers and software application products
  • Collection and collation of all license agreement documents, support renewals and transfer/migration documentation
  • Manual or automatic collection/detection of product usage data within the clients’ estate
  • License estate baseline and asset register build
  • Generation of a compliance report.

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