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IBM PowerLinux 7R1 server

High-performance, energy-efficient server for Linux

IBM PowerLinux 7R1 Highlights

The way the world works is changing. Consumers want instant answers and ubiquitous access from smart devices. They are having billions of conversations on global social networks. Businesses selling goods and services to these consumers are utilizing newly available information and instantaneous communication capabilities to more effectively market. Born-on-the-web companies are delivering massive amounts of information to millions of users. These smart companies have one thing in common—they are exploiting Linux and emerging solutions on scale-out systems to deliver the right services at the right time to the right clients.

Today, organizations of all sizes can participate in the data-centric revolution, even while struggling with rising costs and limited IT resources. The IBM® PowerLinux™ 7R1 server is designed specifically as an economical foundation for emerging and traditional scale-out workloads. IBM PowerLinux workload optimized solutions, each tuned to a specific task, are affordable for businesses of all sizes. With solutions ranging from Virtualized Open Source Infrastructure services to IBM Watson™-inspired big data analytics, companies which previously relied on x86-based servers can now enjoy the advantages the Power Architecture® has brought to large enterprises:

A simpler PowerLinux-based IT environment with fewer servers to manage helps reduce infrastructure costs and frees IT staff to focus on bringing innovative products and services to market faster. Replacing aging x86 based Windows servers with PowerLinux systems and open source applications can further reduce costs by eliminating high proprietary software license fees and upgrade charges.

IBM PowerLinux 7R1 serverThe IBM PowerLinux server and IBM PowerVM® for IBM PowerLinux are optimized for Linux, providing more efficient horizontal scaling at price points comparable to traditional Linux servers. The IBM PowerLinux 7R1 server delivers the outstanding performance and workload-optimizing capabilities of the POWER7® processor in a Linux only, dense, 2U rack form factor that is ideal for running multiple application and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment. The one-socket, high-performance, energy-efficient server supports eight POWER7 cores and a choice of Linux operating systems.

IBM PowerLinux 7R1 Features and Benefits

  • POWER7 performance helps you access data faster, and do more with fewer servers, less infrastructure and lower software license costs
  • IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ with EnergyScale Technology enables dramatically and dynamically improved energy efficiency, lower energy costs, innovative energy management capabilities to keep you running when energy resources are limited
  • IBM PowerVM for IBM PowerLinux enables you to add workloads as your business grows, get better system utilization and handle unexpected worload peaks by sharing resources
  • Intelligent Threads optimizes performance by selecting the suitable threading mode for your application
  • Active Memory Sharing so you can do more with less memory, dynamically allocating memory to virtualized as required
  • RAS Features keeps your applications running so you can focus on growing your business
  • Light Path Diagnostics to easily diagnose hardware problems and reduce service time
  • Industry standard Linux from Red Hat and SUSE Operating System support that enables you to access thousands of applications, taking advantage of widely available skills and collaboration across the Linux community

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