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Oracle Webinar : ISVs and the Value of Solutions in a Box

Oracle Developer Webinar :

ISVs and the Value of Solutions in a Box

Oracle is hosting a free developer webinar looking at how their PCA (Private Cloud Appliance) can deliver the complete backend infrastructure to enable you a developer to offer your customers a solution in a box.

Building a private cloud is a very complex task – management, compute, network, storage and software can be very time consuming and problematic.  Oracle PCA takes all this away and provides you with a private cloud in a box – all pre built and tested.  The solution starts from just 2 compute nodes and scales to over 25 servers.  This is all backed by 24/7 Oracle support.

Another important aspect is this solution comes with Oracle trusted partitions.  If your application needs an Oracle Database or Middleware then Oracle hard-partitioning will help minimise licensing in away that VMware or KVM can never do.

If you are a developer and for any reason public cloud is not an option for your customers then please find an hour to see how Oracle and Acardia can help you get the right option for your customers.

Practical details:

The webinar will be in English. It will be an interview with 2 ISV specialists.

Moderator: Pieter- Jan Schotsmans

Speakers: Simone Brighina, Oliver van Dijk

Duration: 30 minutes with possibility for Q&A via chat

Registration: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=reg20.jsp&referrer=&eventid=1904921&sessionid=1&key=A05017896F908D25FC8CD8072A75CAB1&regTag=&sourcepage=register

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