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IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus XE


IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus is a software for supply chain network optimization and supply chain design, an off-the-shelf decision support solution for ongoing strategic planning.

Manage business growth: Evaluate the network and determine where and when new facilities are needed.

IBM ILOG LogicNet Plus XE
  • Reduce overall supply chain costs by five to 15%: Rationalize global distribution and manufacturing networks to help identify the most cost-efficient supply chain network.
  • Improve customer service: Optimize the balance between shipping and warehousing costs and service level requirements for improved product delivery times. The ability to respond to customer pressures and competitive threats is key to revenue growth.
  • Consolidate after mergers or acquisitions: Consolidate distribution and manufacturing networks following mergers or acquisition activities to more quickly realize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Perform contingency planning: Plan for unexpected events in the supply chain by showing the exact impact on costs, service levels, revenues and profits. Interactively develop and evaluate alternative plans to mitigate overall supply chain risk.
  • Perform what-if scenario analysis: Understand the impact of adding or removing plants and warehouses on the distribution and manufacturing network.
  • Optimize production sourcing decisions: Optimize the decision management process concerning where to produce or source products based on a total supply chain cost analysis. This facilitates objective cost-based decisions and monthly or quarterly changes, based on market demands.
  • Plan for a tax-efficient supply chain: Maximize after-tax profit by balancing the costs of operating in different locations with the applicable tax rates. Take advantage of low tax regions to increase profit.
  • Operating systems supported: HP-UX, Linux, Solaris (Sun microsystems), Windows family

Product line overview

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Helps strategically position inventory, and sets both inventory policies and safety stock levels.

IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst
Analyzes strategies to optimize product delivery and improve transportation asset utilization.

IBM ILOG Plant Power Ops
An integrated production planning and detailed scheduling solution

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