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Rational AppScan OnDemand


Offers Web application security testing through Software as a Service (SaaS)

IBM® Rational® AppScan® OnDemand is a highly effective, outsourced, SaaS solution to identify and prioritize Web application security risks in pre-production applications.

Rational AppScan OnDemand
  • Rational AppScan OnDemand outsources testing for common Web application vulnerabilities including Cross-Site Scripting, Buffer Overflow, and new flash/flex application and Web 2.0 exposure scans and now includes the ability to scan and detect embedded Malware in web properties providing further protection against cyber-attacks.
  • Hosted and run by a highly experienced team of security and compliance product experts who maximize product capabilities on your behalf
  • Low startup costs and reduced ongoing total cost of ownership with a subscription service that requires no training or in-house security expertise, infrastructure, set-up, or software maintenance expense
  • Unmatched time-to-value – enables immediate identification of online risk, provides instant access to industry best practices, and security and compliance expertise
  • Highly scalable and secure enterprise solution
  • Role-based reporting access and scan permissions help enforce test policies and centralize vulnerability scanning, sophisticated dashboards provide enterprise-wide visibility of risks and remediation progress
  • Ideal starting point – to learn over time with expert assistance and full browser-based access to re-test, run pre-configured scans, and create and execute new scan configurations
  • Enables you to focus on what matters – fixing issues

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