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Rational Development Studio for i


IBM® Rational® Development Studio for i provides RPG, COBOL, C, and C++ compilers for creating modern IBM i applications

Rational Development Studio for i V7.1 delivers significant enhancements to the IBM i host Integrated Language Environment (ILE) compilers for creating modern IBM i applications and easing application maintenance efforts.

Rational Development Studio for i
  • Ease application maintenance with ILE RPG language enhancements that make it easier to read and understand program source code.
  • XML processing support with new ILE RPG options for XML-INTO for improved flexibility and improved ILE COBOL performance for XML GENERATE.
  • Increased developer productivity with ILE RPG built in support for searching and sorting data structure arrays, as well as support for ALIAS names, new built-in functions, optional prototypes, and implicit parameter conversion between alphanumeric, USC-2, and graphic data types.
  • Support for true integers and unsigned integers in ILE COBOL, support for compiling very large programs with OPTIMIZE(*NEVER), and greater ease in specifying the VALUE clause for a national data item.
  • Support for encrypted debug listing view across all ILE languages.
  • Decimal floating-point support for ILE C++
  • ADTS green screen source editor SEU has not been updated to recognize new ILE RPG and ILE COBOL features in the 7.1 release. Organizations are encouraged to switch to IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software™ - RPG and COBOL Development Tools for i, a modern IBM i development tool that supports the 7.1 language features.

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