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Rational Software Architect Extension for SOA and WebSphere


Rational Software Architect Extension for SOA and WebSphere extends Rational Software Architect to help you design and deliver solutions using SOA and targeting WebSphere.

Architects and developers looking to design and deliver Java Enterprise Edition solutions, especially those targeting IBM WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal environments, can use this extension to maximize their efficiency and ROI from WebSphere investments.

Rational Software Architect Extension for SOA and WebSphere
  • This extension can be used with IBM® Rational® Software Architect to provide additional capabilities including:
  • The complete feature set of IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Standard Edition
  • New! – Create and design web services based on REST architectural style
  • New! – Design and develop Java EE applications based on Apache Struts Framework
  • Tools for building well-architected, scalable, business-driven SOA solutions:
  • IBM® Rational® SOMA 2.9 practice guidance: based on extensive IBM Global Services SOA engagement experience, this guides you through the processes and around the pitfalls of candidate service identification and service and solution specification
  • Integration with IBM® WebSphere® Business Modeler– opening process models automatically renders them as UML Activity and Use-case models that can them be used for identification of candidate services and specification of service interactions
  • Rich tooling, aligned to IBM® Rational® SOMA 2.9 practice guidance, for identifying and specifying services using the OMG standard SoaML modeling language and SoaML-based modeling accelerators (micro-patterns of common service specification constructs that can be easily applied to services models to speed up the modeling process)
  • Transformations for harvesting service representations (e.g. To participate in model execution-based simulations) and for bottom-up discovery of candidate services: WSDL to UML, Plain-Old Java Object (POJO) to UML, EJB Session bean to UML
  • General purpose SOA realization transformations: UML Activity to SoaML, BPMN to SoaML, UML to WSDL/XSD, XSD to UML
  • SOA realization transformations that produce outputs consumable by IBM® WebSphere® Integration Developer, for developing solutions to run on IBM® WebSphere® Process Server : UML to Services Component Description Language, UML to BPEL
  • UML notation-based graphical editor for WSDL
  • Tools for designing Java EE solutions: UML-to-EJB and EJB-to-UML transformations
  • C/C++ Development Tools (CDT)
  • C++ graphical code editors and visualizers
  • Built-in transformations: UML to C++, C++ to UML

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