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Rational Software Architect


A flexible, extensible, easy to use platform for delivering high quality architectures

Tame complexity, manage risk, ensure high quality software, and shorten the learning curve of technology or application concerns to allow you to focus on creative solutions and get to market faster with architectures and applications that are built to last.

Rational Software Architect
  • New! – Enhanced BPMN2 support to interchange BPMN 2.0 compliant models
  • Sketching a simple and informal way to capture ideas and thoughts that can quickly kickstart a project and be transformed later on to formal architectures.
  • Manage risk, quality, and change more effectively; flush out and better understand requirements; enable more accurate planning and estimating
  • Maintain more effective control of architecture and delivery outcomes
  • Effectively manage and re-use solution architectures and architectural building blocks
  • Manage evolution of, and adherence to, design contracts as development is carried out by geographically and organizationally distributed teams
  • Focus on creative aspects of solutions and avoid mundane, repetitive work.
  • Leverage scalable infrastructure services with access to the Cloud.
  • Quickly create custom factory solutions based upon your own domain examples, using exemplar-driven authoring tools. Use domain specific languages to represent your unique problem and solution domains. Automate development with Patterns Based Engineering.
  • Enhance the capabilities of Rational Software Architect with various extensions for a variety of problem and industry domains: Rational Software Architect Extension for Integrated Architecture Frameworks, Rational Software Architect Extension for Deployment Planning, Rational Software Architect Extension for Deployment Automation Planning, Rational Deployment Content Pack for RAFW and WAS , Rational Software Architect Extension for SOA and WebSphere, Rational Software Architect Extension for C++, Rational Software Architect Extension for Communications Applications, Rational Software Architect Simulation Toolkit
  • Additional integrations with the IBM® Rational® software delivery platform include IBM® Rational® Team Concert, IBM® Rational® Asset Manager, IBM® Rational® Requirements Management, WebSphere Business Modeler, Rational System Architect, and more.
  • Open and highly extensible to adapt to your needs. Powered by Eclipse 3.6, features are optionally installable and configurable at a fine-grained level to expose only the tooling capabilities you truly need.
  • Operating systems supported: Linux, Windows family

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