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Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software


Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software is the optimized environment for designing and developing WebSphere applications

Reason, communicate, and collaborate more efficiently. Automate development and deployment. Deliver more, faster, more predictably, and at less cost. Optimized for WebSphere, but can be used to target other middleware.

Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software
  • New! – Enhanced BPMN2 support to interchange BPMN 2.0 compliant models
  • New! – Create and design web services based on REST architectural style
  • New! – Design and develop Java EE applications based on Apache Struts Framework
  • Powerful modeling and graphical editing across a variety of domains (UML™ 2, BPMN 2, Java/JEE, WSDL, XSD, SCA, SoaML, DoDAF 2 and more). Includes the complete IBM® Rational® Application Developer product for an integrated design and development experience.
  • Manage projects and risks more effectively: leverage the powers of abstraction, visualization, and traceability to analyze impacts of proposed changes
  • Quickly create custom factory solutions based upon your own domain examples, using exemplar-driven authoring tools. Use domain specific languages to represent your unique problem and solution domains. Automate development with Patterns Based Engineering.
  • Ensure that your software solutions deploy correctly -- first time, every time -- with smart tools for discovering and representing infrastructure, modeling current and planned deployments, and creating best-practice configuration templates. Leverage integration with Tivoli Asset Discovery to capture infrastructure specifications.
  • Additional integrations with the IBM® Rational® software delivery platform include IBM® Rational® Team Concert, IBM® Rational® Asset Manager, IBM® Rational® Requirements Management, WebSphere Business Modeler, Rational System Architect, and more.
  • Enhance the capabilities of Rational Software Architect with various extensions for a variety of problem and industry domains: Rational Software Architect Extension for C++, Rational Software Architect Extension for Communications Applications, Rational Software Architect Simulation Toolkit
  • Open and highly extensible. Powered by Eclipse 3.6. Adapts to your needs. Features are optionally installable at a fine-grained level And user experience is highly configurable -- expose only the tooling capabilities you truly need.
  • Operating systems supported: Linux, Windows family

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