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Rational Focal Point


Product and portfolio management

IBM Rational Focal Point provides market - and business-driven product and portfolio management - helping executives and teams to make the right decisions to deliver business, customer and market value.

Rational Focal Point
  • Capture inputs from customers, analysts, market research, and internal stakeholders and prioritize on which ones will provide the most value to the business
  • Utilize visualization, prioritization, and unique road mapping and planning capabilities to ensure that plans are innovative, valuable and achievable
  • Centralize information key to decision-making, status reporting and portfolio reviews to escape the chaos of managing data in emails, documents, and spreadsheets; speeding the ability to respond to changing market and business conditions
  • Overcome the influence of the loudest voice in the room and use objective information to support decision making
  • Reduce risk and improve cost estimations of investments by modeling financial and market impacts and by performing scenario, statistical and financial analysis
  • Integrate enterprise architecture plans and project execution into portfolio management to ensure enterprise and project-level decisions are aligned with financial and market needs
  • Quickly realize the benefits of Product and Portfolio Management and reduce costs of implementations by utilizing pre-defined configurations based on best practices
  • Operating systems supported: Linux, Solaris (Sun microsystems), Windows family

Family overview

Product, Project, and Portfolio Management Overview
Align, plan, execute, and measure for operational excellence

Additional products, services and solutions

Rational Focal Point QuickStart
Training, mentoring and initial setup of your portfolio and/or product management processes implemented with Rational Focal Point


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