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Rational Programming Patterns for System z


Modernizing pattern driven programming and Enterprise wide repository services for Pacbase developers

IBM Rational Programming Patterns for System z modernizes pattern driven development and Enterprise Wide Repository services for Pacbase developers within IBM Software Delivery Platform, and by providing tools for a low cost migration of all Pacbase development assets.

Rational Programming Patterns for System z
  • Enhances IBM Rational Developer for System z and IBM Rational Team Concert with additional new functionalities adapted to the Pacbase Pattern Driven development paradigm.
  • Data description patterns help to master the information concept of an IT system in a form that is understandable by a business domain specialist and consumable by software developers.
  • Programming Patterns for Traditional applications provide a set of models that are dedicated to capture the essence of the common architecture of mainframe applications to improve the productivity of the developers.
  • Macro-structure Patterns provide a powerful and expressive capability for reusing logic among programs, minimizing complexity through encapsulation while providing a single point of maintenance.
  • COBOL Micro-Patterns contribute to increase the development productivity, as a powerful way to insert a group, or several groups, of generated COBOL lines in a COBOL program, replacing favorably complex Pacbase operators and preserving the productivity of a developer when he has to insert business logic into generated source code.
  • Extended COBOL source code editor facilitates the maintenance of user-specific code in the generated source code by optimizing the tasks a developer has to manage in a generated COBOL source code (e.g. filters, wizards, syntax highlighting, content assist, real-time syntax check and interactive debugging).
  • Impact analysis and multi-criteria search, as an extension of the Rational Team Concert Repository services contribute to increase the maintenance productivity, preserving the uniqueness of the description of an information concept.
  • Interface with external Software Configuration Managers provides a flexible time frame to adapt current application deployment processes by providing procedures to extract projects or components from the IBM Rational Team Concert SCM to import them in an external SCM.
  • Generate a COBOL source code syntactically equivalent to the COBOL source code generated by VisualAge Pacbase v3.5. In conjunction with a set of comparison tools to check that the migration went well, this feature drastically limits the amount of non-regression test cases needed after migration, representing the most expensive part of the migration project.

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