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Rational Statemate


The IBM® Rational® Statemate solution is a graphical design, simulation, and prototyping tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems.

The IBM® Rational® Statemate solution helps engineers specify their system in a non- ambiguous manner, assisting in finding errors early in the design lifecycle prior to final integration testing — helping reduce overall development costs.

Rational Statemate
  • Create graphical models of systems, based on standard engineering diagrams
  • Highlights active states, functions, and scenarios during simulation
  • Provides mockup panels for both input to and output from the simulation
  • Simulates an incomplete design, allowing the user to build the model and simulate it in an iterative top-down, bottom-up, or middle-out fashion
  • Provides all the traditional debugging apparatus, such as waveforms, monitors, and debugger windows
  • Allows you to analyze specifications to help ensure that their behavior is correct and to capture test data
  • Operating systems supported: Solaris (Sun microsystems), Windows family

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