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Rational Power Appliance


The Rational Power Appliance is the complete hardware and software solution for developing C/C++ and COBOL applications on IBM Power system.

IBM Rational Power Appliance is designed for quick time-to-value, enabling development shops to save precious startup time, improve agility and productivity.

Rational Power Appliance
  • Increase time to value: The IBM Rational Power Appliance comes with AIX, Rational development tools and compilers that are preinstalled on a POWER7 express server. This dramatically simplifies ordering, invoicing, and reduces software setup time.
  • Optimized application development solution: The IBM Rational Power Appliance consists of 2 solutions, C/C++ and COBOL solutions. It comes in three defined configurations, Express (5 developers) , Workgroup (20 developers), and Enterprise (40 developers) and is designed to meet the needs of different software development organizations.
  • Comprehensive solution for application development: The IBM Rational Power Appliance is preconfigured with IBM's latest POWER7 server, AIX O/S, Rational Developer for Power Systems Software, Rational Team Concert, and XL C/C++ or COBOL compilers. It is designed to improve agility, productivity, and team efficiency. Leading edge compilation technology optimizes applications for IBM Power systems.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: IBM XL C/C++ for AIX and COBOL for AIX are designed to leverage hardware advancements in Power Systems, including the latest POWER7 technology. Advanced optimization and hardware exploitation capabilities helps improve application performance which frees up cycles for other applications.
  • Attractively priced: The IBM Rational Power Appliance is an attractively priced workload optimized system for AIX application development on IBM Power Systems.
  • Operating systems supported: AIX, IBM i, Linux

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