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XL Fortran for AIX


XL Fortran is the compiler of choice for the scientific and engineering communities to support extensive numerical, scientific and high-performance computing.

XL Fortran for AIX is designed to optimize your infrastructure for Power Systems. From enhancements to support the latest standards, highly-tuned math libraries to industry leading optimization technology, XL Fortran for AIX will allow you to get the most out of your hardware investment.

XL Fortran for AIX
  • Designed for Power Systems: Designed to leverage hardware advancements in Power Systems, including the latest POWER7 technology.
  • Programming language of choice for numerical intensive calculations for High Performance Computing systems
  • Application Performance: Industry leaders in optimization technology that maximizes the application performance executing on Power Systems
  • Improve Developer Productivity: With access to highly-tuned libraries, optimization utilities and development utilities, developers can focus on solving business logic
  • Collaboration Tools: Integration with the latest IBM Rational Team Concert for Power collaboration tools
  • Application portability: Fully implements Fortran 2003, OpenMP 3.0, Fortran 95, Fortran 90, and FORTRAN 77 Standards that enables ease of application migration to Power Systems.
  • See What’s New with XL Fortran for AIX V13.1 including enhancements to leverage the latest POWER7 hardware.
  • Operating systems supported: AIX

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