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Rational Asset Analyzer


Rational Asset Analyzer provides insight into relationships within & among mainframe and composite applications providing better understanding of the impact & risks of change.

Provides insight into an application's structure for both the experienced and new developer. Understanding existing application relationships means changes can be made with fewer mistakes and with more focused yet still comprehensive testing, helping complete projects on time and within budget.

Rational Asset Analyzer
  • Enables you to identify both the mainframe and the distributed artifacts effected by a proposed code change to a cross platform application so that you can make changes more quickly, with less risk
  • Helps reduce the complexity of software projects by delivering up-to-date knowledge of application components from the code itself to scope the elements included in the change
  • Improves process and team efficiency by making the same application insight available to all team members via a web browser interface
  • Helps shorten the learning curve for new and even experienced developers by documenting the exist application inventory and their relationships
  • Enabling developers to understand heterogeneous artifacts in projects, or across the whole enterprise within the context of their development environment via an eclipse plug-in
  • Installs on the Windows platform to easily inventory and analyze downloaded mainframe and distributed application assets. Users who prefer a z/OS deployment can chose Rational Asset Analyzer for System z
  • Operating systems supported: Windows family

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