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Features and benefits

Improved Application Development Productivity
IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA compiler provides a set of intrinsic functions including string handling, financial capabilities, statistical functions, and mathematical formulas. These and the many other features help make your COBOL development process more productive. You can simplify common programming tasks using IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA. You can use the COBOL CALL statement to take advantage of Language Environment services for everything from storage management to condition handling. The condition handling support enables you to write programs in which error handling is done in a separate routine that is loaded only when needed. And you no longer have to write the error-handling routines in Assembler; with Language Environment you can write them in COBOL or C.

IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA offers support for recursive calls in COBOL, structured programming, and improved interoperability with other languages. IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA run-time environment also supports PL/I and C programs.

Consistency Across Platforms
IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA is part of a large family of compatible compilers, application development tools, and maintenance tools. IBM offers solid IBM COBOL compilers for OS/390®, MVS, VM, AS/400®, AIX®, and Microsoft® Windows® in addition to VSE/ESA. host-based development tools include Debug Tool for VSE/ESA (DT/VSE). Debug Tool provides a robust mainframe interactive (MFI) interlanguage debug tool which supports PL/I and C as well as COBOL. You can also take advantage of IBM's extensive suite of COBOL maintenance tools to improve your existing applications. These tools assist you with:

  • Source code conversion from former ANSI standards to ANSI 85 COBOL syntax
  • Application/Program Understanding
  • code analysis, reporting, and restructuring
  • CICS source conversion
  • Regressing testing of interactive applications.

The COBOL Enterprise Workstation Feature
The optional COBOL Enterprise Workstation Feature provides you with IBM VisualAge for COBOL, Professional, an application development environment (compiler, run time, debug tool, editor, visual builder, performance analyzer, and assistant tools) on Microsoft Windows. IBM VisualAge for COBOL.

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