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XL Fortran for AIX

Features and benefits

Feature Description Benefit
Industry leading optimization and performance tuning technology Automatic-parallelization of sequential programs to leverage the power of modern multicore processors.

Vector instruction support: Support for systems with processor architectures and operating systems that execute single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) instruction sets, including Vector Multimedia eXtension (VMX) instructions and the POWER7 Vector Scalar eXtension (VSX) instruction set. Enhanced automatic simdization capabilities exploiting these facilities.

OpenMP API Version 3.0: Introduces new features for parallel applications development that simplify data and task parallelism.
Optimized infrastructure – As an integral part of IBM Rational solutions for Power Systems Software, XL Fortran for AIX will optimize application performance to maximize the return on your hardware investments.

Used in conjunction with Power Systems, IBM XL Fortran for AIX is designed to exploit the latest hardware advancements and industry leading optimization technology to deliver unprecedented performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

Between automatic and user directed optimization and performance tuning options and state-of-the-art utilities, IBM XL Fortran for AIX will maximize application performance on all supported Power Systems.
High performance libraries specifically tuned for POWER architecture Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem (MASS): consists of libraries of mathematical intrinsic functions tuned specifically for optimum performance on POWER architectures.

Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS): High-performance algebraic functions used to perform combined matrix multiplication and addition on general matrices or their transposes

Shared Memory Parallelization (SMP) runtime library: Supports both explicit and automatic parallel processing
These libraries will increase user productivity, and runtime application performance, speeding initial development, resulting in fewer bugs and cutting long-term maintenance costs.
Profile driven optimization Produce monitoring code use to generate a runtime profile to help tune the performance of applications'

Profile directed feedback (PDF) optimization: By collecting information about a program run with typical input data and then applying transformations to the program based on that information. PDF can ensure the performance of the application is optimized for its important inputs.
Application profile monitoring and profile directed feedback capabilities minimize the need for manual tuning to achieve desirable performance on large, complex applications.
Debugging capabilities Produce optimized pseudocode that can be read by a symbolic debugger XL compilers help increase programmer productivity and lowering maintenance costs by providing information consumable by standard symbolic debugging tools.

The user benefits from a familiar development environment using debugging tools of choice with increased proficiency and productivity, debugging source and optimized code.
Language Standard Compliance Supports:
  • Fortran 2003
  • OpenMP 3.0
  • Fortran 95
  • Fortran 90
  • FORTRAN 77
XL compilers comply to the latest international programming language standards, including language interoperability standards, providing support for code portability between multiple operating systems and hardware platforms

XL compilers help protect the investment in existing Fortran source and object code built with previous versions of the compilers allowing users to rebuild and link all the components into the same applications using the latest compiler versions,. Similarly, object code or libraries compiled with previous versions of XL Fortran are still compatible with the newest XL Fortran compiler and runtime environment.
Utilization Tracking and Reporting Feature This feature allows you to generate reports regarding overall compiler usage within your organization. In particular, the report indicates the number of concurrent users using the compiler. This feature is designed to assist with managing licensing compliance for your compilers.

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